RunTru Packaged Heat Pump Unit

Item No. 4WCA4
For homes with limited space in warmer areas of the country, RunTru packaged heat pump units are an ideal solution. All of your home’s cooling and heating equipment is contained within a compact single outdoor cabinet.
  • Small footprint for easy installation
  • Fits low lot lines
  • Suitable for use in manufactured homes
  • 14 SEER


Packaged Unit
  • Small footprint for easy installation
  • Fits low lot lines
  • Suitable for use in manufactured homes
  • 14 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio)- an efficiency rating similar to MPG for cars

Product Specs

14 SEER Heat Pump Convertible Packaged Unit

Model SEER Compressor Capacity (Tons) HSPF Dimensions (in)
4WCA4024A1000A 14 Scroll 23,600 8 36.15 60.81 34.90
4WCA4030A1000A 14 Scroll 29,000 8 36.15 60.81 34.90
4WCA4036A1000A 14 Scroll 35,000 8 36.15 60.81 34.90
4WCA4042A1000A 14 Scroll 41,000 8 36.15 60.81 34.90
4WCA4048A1000A 14 Scroll 47,000 8 41.15 60.81 34.90
4WCA4060A1000A 14 Scroll 56,500 8 41.15 60.81 34.90

SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, measures how efficiently a unit can cool your home in the summer. The higher the SEER number, the less energy you'll use.

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RunTru Installation

Installed by a Preferred RunTru Dealer
  • Systems are installed by trained service technicians who know your equipment best.
  • Trained service technicians will also ensure that the installation confirms to local, state and national building codes.
Peace of Mind
  • Prior to installation, your RunTru service technician will perform a thorough evaluation of your home to ensure the perfect system fit.
  • After installation, your service technician will walk you through the features and functions of your new system, and answer any questions you might have.

Warranty Information

Relax. RunTru is backed by a Warranty you can trust.
  • RunTru offers coverage and peace of mind where it counts- with the hardest-working components of the system covered for the long haul.
Limited Parts Warranty
  • Equipment: Base Limited Warranty Period: 5 years Functional parts
  • If you do not register your RunTru system, it will be covered by our Base Limited Parts Warranty.
Registered Limited Parts Warranty
  • Equipment: Registered Limited Warranty Period: Functional Parts - 10 years; Heat Exchanger - 20 years
  • Cased Coils: 10 year Functional Parts Warranty, no registration required
  • Registered Limited Warranty terms are applicable if the products are registered within 60 days of installation.